Make Money Online Free From Home

1) Clixsense

The best and easy way to earn money is Clixsense. First Register here it takes less than 2 minutes while registering enter all information correctly (All your details because you have to withdraw your money).

They will ask you for PayPal mail while registering just leave it blank. After logging in Clixsense log in into your account and continue reading my article. If you are not yet enrolled in here, then first register in Clixsense to make money.

You can’t become very wealthy with this site, but you can make some pocket by working sometimes (mostly whenever you have free time). When I started with Clixsense, I used to earn up to $250 per month (In rupees more than fifteen thousand per month).

Now, I will tell you how to make money in Clixsense. There are five ways to increase your income in Clixsense. Now I will tell you best tips and secrets to make more money in Clixsense.

  • The first way to gain more income in Clixsense is clicking on ads. This is very simple anyone can do this for this you just go view ads tabs, and you will see many ads down there and click on one ad at a time, and that ad will open in a new tab you just have to view it for just 5 – 30 seconds that’s it. You will get your money instantly. You will get very less, but one thing you should remember is you are getting something. Something is better than nothing right.
  • In following methods, you will get more money.See the below vide0 know how to view ads in Clixsense without any trouble. How to View Ads in Clixsense Second way is Clixgrid there is nothing in your hands here. It is more like a lucky draw you just have to click on boxes (each box contains an ad like in the first method) you can find these boxes in Clixgrid tab. If you are lucky, then you will be rewarded. I won that lucky draw two times see the image below. Lucky draw in clixsense
  • Third way and fastest way to earn too many bucks or rupees is doing tasks, but the thing is you have to do simple work to complete tasks. They will give you full tips and suggestions to do the tasks you just understand them carefully and complete the tasks. More jobs more money. Each work may take 1-20 minutes to complete it depends on upon your skill.These tasks are sponsored by Crowd Flower.
  • The fourth way is doing surveys in the offers tab you will see SSI daily survey like in the image. Every day you just go to offers tab and click on SSI Daily Survey. Remember surveys will not be available every day. They will be available for just a few hours ( Surveys are limited), so you have to check it regularly. It takes 10-20 minutes to complete a questionnaire. Whenever you completes a survey, you will get a minimum of 0.85 DOLLARS or nearly 50 INR. Every day click on marked are in the below figure to check whether surveys is available or not. best way India money online
  • The fifth way to make money in Clixsense is inviting your friends to Clixsense. If anyone your friends join Clixsense by your affiliate link you will get some commission. You can find your affiliate link in affiliates tab. See more tips about Clixsense. Check out this Best website to make money online. See this below video to know more about Clixsense.

How to withdraw money in Clixsense? And finally after earning cash you have to get that money into your bank account. You can withdraw your money after making 8 dollars only that means minimum payout is eight dollars.

PayPal will make payments. If you don’t have a PayPal account, see this how to create a PayPal account. If you have any problems regarding withdrawals or anything, just post your comments I will help you.

You will not be having work all the day on this website, so you try to register on different sites that I have mentioned below to earn a lot of money. Caution: Remember you should not make the following mistakes in clixsense.

Don’t use multiple accounts. That means you should have only one account. You should not use Proxies, VPN and Tor software to hide your IP. You must log in at least once per 3 months otherwise your account will be blocked.

2) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best websites to make money online. This is the very easiest way, and fast way to make money online for students or teenagers or any others person can earn money with Ipanel Online. First, register and study the below procedure to make money online in India. This is one of the best ways to make online money from home. It is entirely free. Bank transfer will make the payment.

Register in Swagbucks

Like in Clixsense here also in this site also we have three different ways to make money. All methods are very easy. You don’t need to have any skills to do the surveys because whoever you just tell your opinion to their questions.

  1. The first method is doing online surveys. In surveys, you just have to tell your opinion. Be honest while doing Online Surveys don’t complete surveys quickly by putting random options. You need to log in to this site also whenever a study is available they will send the invitation to your Email. This is best and legit website in India that is paying more than100K every day.
  2. The second method in Ipanel Surveys.  You will not believe this if I say this. The trick in here is, there is discussion tab in this site there if you share anything with others you will get money. Yeah actually you can share whatever you want, and you will get rewarded.
  3. The third method in Ipanel Online surveys is same like as in Clixsense fifth method invite your friends to join in Surveys you will get paid when register on this site by your affiliate link.

Method 3: To Earn More Money Online in India

I am not going to tell you about any particular method here. As I said earlier in this article, still there are many opportunities available on the Internet, but it is not possible for me to cover everything here.

By Registering and working in these two sites, you can earn some money. Still, you will be having so much of free time. If you want to make more money quickly, then you have to enroll in more websites.

I have collected the most trusted and real websites to work online from India or any other country. If you are interested in earning extra income, you don’t need to search again in Google you just register in below websites. I can assure you that your income will increase in next few weeks. My suggestion for you is without doing any waste of your valuable time list in below websites.

All the above methods are free that means you can earn money without investment in India. Don’t forget to leave your valuable opinion (comment) below. Share this that article it may help your other friends so that they can also make money. If you have any doubts or problems, don’t forget to ask my help.

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